Mark Simmonds

I have lived in Markham for most of my life and when I finally was able to purchase my own home I knew I needed to get all the locks changed, a friend recommended me to Markham Lock and Safe and I am sure glad they did. I called in and made an appointment for a night after work, the technician arrived on time and got right to work. He showed me all the new locks he had that would fit into my budget and after I selected the color I liked he started installing them. After only about a hour later he was completed and handed me the new keys to my home. Really made me feel safe and secure in my new home and will be using them again when I add the doors on the deck area.

Kevin Harding

The other night I was walking back to my car after a visit to the gym, I went into my pocket to grab my keys and they were not there. I ran back into the gym and searched every where after a few hours of looking top to bottom with the gym owner I called Markham Lock and Safe. Within 35 minutes from the time I called the guy was at my car. He made the new car key I needed and I was on my way home to take a shower and relax after a stressful night. They even made me a spare so if this is to happen in the future I have a back up. Thanks again guys!

Marissa Knox

This past Sunday I arrived at work at 7 am as I do every week only to see that the door had been broken into and the place ransacked. After calling the police I called Markham Lock and Safe they sent a technician right out and he replaced all the locks in the store before we even opened up. I have an appointment to get CCTV cameras installed next week and am so happy I was able to find a company who really made me feel safe after such an awful experience. Thank You for all you do for our community.

Nikki Anderson

Of course after a dreadful day I would arrive home to realize I did not have the keys to get into my apartment, I banged on the door for a solid 20 minutes only to remember that my neighbor was out of town. I called Markham Lock and Safe and they sent a tech right out to my home he arrived in about 40 minutes which is pretty impressive during rush hour and unlocked my door in literately a few seconds. After I got inside he changed the locks for me and provided me with the extra keys for my neighbor. Low prices, fast response and efficient service I will definitely recommend.

Harry Kinderson

I lost the keys to my Honda accord the other night after work, I searched everywhere inside my office and the parking lot could not find them anywhere. A co-worker offered me the phone number to Markham Lock and Safe and I am so glad they did. Within about 30 minutes I had the technician at my parking lot making the key for my car. It took about a hour from start to finish and cost way less then the dealership would have. Thanks again guys!

Jenn Greene

This week I moved into my new home, the realtor suggested that I get the locks changed since they did not have the spare keys, I called Markham Lock and Safe and scheduled an appointment. The technician came actually a little early and got right to work inspecting my locks he suggested that i get them re keyed since they were pretty new and in good shape. He re keyed the locks for me and gave me the new keys he was done in a bout a hour and a half and the re key service cost 1/3 the amount of changing all my locks. I am so glad he suggested it and did not try to just make a quick buck. Thank You so much!



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